For Organizations

An introduction to how Negotiable could be used in organizational settings.

Negotiable is a powerful and flexible way for organizations to help members and employees build, maintain, and apply their ability to work through differences with others and find valuable solutions to tough problems.

What’s in Negotiable?

  • At the heart of Negotiable are learning sequences revolving around short, engaging videos that debunk myths, highlight good practices, and bring ideas to life through examples.

    Other resources help users personalize and apply the ideas ...

  • Assessments let users benchmark their habits and styles against others and experts

  • Worksheets guide users to apply the practices we suggest to the situations they face

  • Roleplays give users an approach for hands-on practice and learning

Who is Negotiable for?

The core of our answer to this basic question is reflected in the short video below ...

We see negotiation as an everyday part of virtually everyone’s life. Any time two or more people with different points of view come together and seek agreement on a way to move ahead, they’re negotiating. From sales professionals to senior leaders, from business development to team managers, negotiation skills are relevant to nearly everyone’s performance and well-being. Negotiable aims to help those who’ve never had training before make quick progress. And Negotiable can help skilled professionals take stock, hone their skills further, and share what they know with others.

While Negotiable is relevant to anyone who has to solve problems with other people, the learning approach you use might vary from one group or population to the next. Read on for more details.

How would we use Negotiable?

Negotiable’s resources can be put to work in different ways to serve your organization’s and your users’ goals. Users can pursue self-guided learning, choosing learning paths according to their interests and working at their own pace. Some organizations program workshops or other group events, led by in-house facilitators or working with us and our partners. Ongoing user access to Negotiable’s materials means workshops can drive meaningful, longerterm impact rather fade away as one-off experience.

We also offer recommendations for self-led teams to gather and learn together as well as suggestions for mentoring and coaching.


Contact us at to learn more about how your organization might use Negotiable.

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